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and a whole lot of other tools to rediscover who I am,

after six years living with a man with OCPD.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

7 Reasons Why Relationships Are Like Pizza

  1. Hot fresh pizza is one of the greatest things on earth.
  2. Cold pizza is most appealing when you're drunk or hungover.
  3. No matter how many pizzas you've had, the next one will never be exactly the same.
  4. The first slice is usually the best.
  5. Some people put really strange things on their pizza.
  6. If a pizza comes loaded with a bunch of stuff you don't like, you can spend eternity trying to pick the crap off, and you'll never get all of it.
  7. Even if you love pizza, you need a balance of other things in your diet.

Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love

Why Relationships Are Not Like Pizza
  1. You can find pizza just about anywhere.
  2. Pizza doesn't care if you ignore it for weeks at a time.
  3. Pizza goes well with any kind of alcohol.
  4. Pizza is usually pretty cheap.
  5. You can pick pizza up at the grocery store, and put it in your freezer until you're in the mood for it.
  6. Pizza doesn't get jealous if  you're splitting your plate with spaghetti or lasagna.
  7. If you've had a bad pizza, you don't obsess for eons over why it was bad, and whether the next one will be terrible, too.

How about you?  Have good (or bad) pizza stories?
Got more points I missed?  Share 'em in the comments.