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and a whole lot of other tools to rediscover who I am,

after six years living with a man with OCPD.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Does Batman have OCPD?

via Wikimedia

In chat the other night, one of my online friends proposed that Batman might have OCPD.  (We'll leave the debate as to whether or not he's also gay for another time.)

Mind you, there are many, many variations of Batman: The original comic books character by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, dates back to 1939.  Many animated series have featured or been focused on Batman.  The modern movies starring everyone from Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney.  The latest Batman movies feature Christian Bale.

Some of the interpretations have been extremely dark; the 1960's television series, my personal fav, was called camp by some, a deliberate mix of farce and lampoon by others.

There's even a Batman Wiki.

But while all explanations for the motivation of the transformation of Bruce Wayne, millionaire philanthropist, to Batman focus on the trauma of him having witnessed the murder of his parents as a child (PTSD), could there be more to it?

That obsessively strong urge to personally mete out Justice... One OCPD'r reported patrolling his  neighborhood for hours every evening, looking in all the parked car windows to make sure no one inside was doing something 'bad'.  (Making out?  Smoking a doobie?  Eating a Twinkie?)  And if he'd found someone, he was going to...? He never disclosed that part.

One woman, divorced now from her OCPD husband, reported that once he was walking the dog (a smaller breed), and a teenager leaned out the car window and shouted, "Nice dog, asshole!"  The man raced up to the car, yanked open the door, hauling the mouthy kid out, and punched him in the face.

So, the idea of an OCPD vigilante is not so farfetched.

  • Batman is incredibly intelligent, like many with OCPD.
  • He loves his science and technology.  Just look at how many gizmo's he's got going in the bat-cave.
  • He's always prepared for any potential disaster, and always has the proper tools stocked in his utility belt, from bat-hooks to bat-shark repellent.
  • He's obsessive about justice/rules, yet willing to break laws himself in pursuit of his objective.
  • In his non-Batman persona, he seems shy, almost meek.

  • The costume.  With so many OCPD'rs sensitive to odors and textures, wouldn't it drive him crazy? Especially the cowl.
  • His relationship with Robin - he's a kind, encouraging mentor, not someone who constantly picks at the Boy Wonder's flaws.
  • As Bruce Wayne, he's a generous philanthropist, while those with OCPD tend to be on the stingy frugal side.
  • Flexibility - he adapts very quickly to changing circumstances.

  • Supreme physical fitness & martial arts abilities.
  • Playboy - attraction to but inability to commit to the many gorgeous women who surround him.
  • The Batmobile - he sticks with one vehicle, but it's constantly modified.
  • Teetotaller (many OCPDr's abstain from alcohol; others drink to excess.)

Of course, I'm not a shrink and can't diagnose anyone, and even if I was, it would be totally unethical to do so long-distance, as it were.  However, this is for fun - what do you think?  Does Batman show signs of being OCPD?  Or is he just another weirdo?  Leave a comment with your opinion, please.